Skip the diet, just eat healthy!

As a female, I understand that there are so many unrealistic expectations in today's society for young girl. The media tells us that we need to dress a certain way, look a certain way and even eat a certain way. If you look through fashion magazine, there is a great likelihood that most of them will have some raving new articles with titles like "How to Lose Fat Fast", "Kim Kardashian's New Diet (or insert other celebrity name)" or "Tips on Getting That Summer Body".  All of these expectations and 'standards' create so many body image problems and it is so sad to see that it affects negatively in so many young girls.

As a result, many young people go through unhealthy eating cycles and habits in order to try and achieve the ultimate ‘ideal’ body and feel good about themselves


This is WRONG.

Fad diets come and they go. How many of you have ever tried crash dieting where you starve yourself? Or cut out having every type of food except a salad or something along that line? And how long did that last? Not very long right? People binge. People vomit their food. People starve. People over-obsess about their body. They diet in such an unhealthy way that they don't realize that it's not helping them at all, physically or mentally. 

This is where nutrition comes in. As a nutritionist, I believe that the most important thing is to be  H E A L T H Y. It is not about being skinny or being the most built person. Everyone is unique and we all have different body types, so it is not always possible for everyone to be six feet tall and a size two or four. I believe in counting nutrition, not counting calories. Although it is important to an extent, however, in reality, we as humans eat food. We don't just eat one protein, or carbohydrate or fat. We eat breads and meat, fruits and vegetables. Foods can and should be eaten in moderation. We are supposed to ENJOY food. Food brings people together and they can define cultures and backgrounds. Most importantly, they are essential for our lives, our health and well being. That is why I believe that being healthy is a lifestyle and it is all about balance! 

Yes. ONE meal will not make a difference

However, by putting in consistent effort to have a balanced lifestyle by staying active and eating healthy meals everyday WILL. As they say, "Old Habits Die Hard" - which is why it is a lot easier to make small and gradual lifestyle changes instead of just jumping on the bandwagon and then relapse one week later.

Adapted from Healthy - The New Slim.


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I don't like all that popular diets. I think they should be harmful for health and I don`t think they are working. Just because if at first you eat not enough, than after you`ll eat more than you actually need in that moment.
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